Part I Training in Damascus, Oregon with Gayle Scott and Michael Naylor

October 4 @ 7:00 pm - October 10 @ 12:30 pm

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Cost: $1695, includes tuition, materials, room & board (shared room)

 This Training begins Tuesday the 4th at 7:00 pm (preceded by dinner at 6:00) and ends Monday the 10th at 12:30 pm (followed by lunch). Training hours are generally 9:00-12:30, 3:00 –6:00, and 7:30-10:00 daily.

The Anatomy of Personality

Part I is an in-depth presentation of the Enneagram as a psycho-spiritual system. Our highly qualified Enneagram Institute Faculty Members enrich each Training with their expertise and personal experience. Sr. Faculty Russ Hudson or Gayle Scott are personally present and teach during each session, assisted by Associate Faculty Tim McLean, Lynda Roberts, and Michael Naylor. Faculty are available for personal contact and questions throughout the Training.

The Part I always covers the same material, but is taught in two different formats: a 5-day or 6-day layout. The Part I features complete descriptions of the types as well as specifics for identifying them. The Training combines grounded, intellectual understanding with a variety of experiential approaches that give participants a clear feel for the inner world of each type. Further, we employ the comprehensive framework of the Levels of Development to add depth and richness to our discussions. The Levels are essential because they account for differences between individuals of the same type, discriminate between similar types, and help clarify the many irregularities and subtleties of each type—thus making wide-ranging practical applications and personal growth possible.

“In 20 years in practice as a psychotherapist, I have not before come across any tool as useful or profound as the Riso- Hudson teaching of the Enneagram both for personal growth and for working with clients. Don and Russ, I can’t thank you both enough for what you have opened up for me.

“The experience was profound. During the Training, it was a revelation to learn to be present and experience the effects in my ability to concentrate and absorb without feeling tired. Also, I haven’t laughed so much for a long time. A deepening understanding of the Enneagram at an intuitive level came about through the content, tone, and variety of the Training. Learning with you two was a delight. The balance of style and your presence was an inspiration. My understanding of the Enneagram has deepened and my desire is to go even deeper, to complete the Training Program and to use the Enneagram in all of my work.”

Frances Emeleus
Pychotherapist, UK

Part I Training is powerful, comprehensive, and often life changing. See what people have to say about their experience at the Part I Training.

For each personality type, topics covered include:

  • The Riso-Hudson Levels of Development

  • The Inner Dynamics:

    • Paths of Integration, Disintegration/ Stress, Security, and the ‘Missing Piece’

  • Early Childhood Development and Object Relations Patterns

  • The Essential Qualities

  • The Passions & Fixations

  • Interactive Type Panels

  • Experiential Exercises

  • Art, Poetry, Movement and Music to illuminate the types

Those attending receive a 400-page manual of unpublished materials.